Welcome to the photons farmer!

A farms crops usually consist of grain, grass and milk. On the dairy farm 't Spieker in Vierakker, we go one big step further. We reap ‘light particles’ (photons) from the sun with a large amount of solar panels on the roof of our barn. These light particles are converted into energy. And there is much  needed on a farm, e.g. our two milking robots. The sun is not always bright. Therefore we store the excess capacity in a large battery in our yard. For use at another time or for supply to the power company. We work not only environmentally, but also from an economic perspective on the future of our company.

Welcome to the photons farmer!

Jan Borgman en Erna Roeterdink


School pupils / students

Groups of school pupils and/or students are welcome to take a guided tour of 't Spieker.

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