Buildings on dairy farms often have large roofs, which - if they face south - are ideal places for solar panels. Some farmers even have a wind turbine. These forms of renewable energy suffer from the drawback that their yield is dependent on the weather. However, using a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRB), it is possible to capture and store any excess capacity for later use, or for delivery to the national power grid at an opportune moment. 
In order to keep costs to a minimum, it is vital to use a VRB with the smallest possible capacity (size) required to meet the needs. For this reason, it is useful to limit peak power loads on the farm. The use of robotic milking machines makes it possible to achieve a better spread of power demand throughout the day than would be possible using traditional milking parlours. Measures to reduce power consumption, such as the use of LED lighting and waste heat recovery, can limit the investment costs involved in maintaining self-sufficient systems for dairy farms.
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