The history of 't Spieker

't Spieker has been owned by the Borgman family since 1750. In the year 2000, Jan and Erna took over the dairy farm from Jan's parents and have been developing the business ever since. In 2005, the couple installed a raw milk dispenser and in 2007/2008 an open-front cow-shed was added at the side of the existing cubicle cow-shed. One year later, Jan and Erna had two robotic milking machines in operation. They currently have sufficient capacity in the cow-sheds to expand their herd to 140 dairy cows. The family’s dairy farm is the first in the Netherlands to be entirely self-sufficient in terms of power consumption.


't Spieker Vierakker

The 57.50(56)-hectare farm currently has 100 dairy cows and 90 immature animals. It has a milk quota of 890,000 kg, and produces 9200 4.31 3.49.

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