Solar panels 2

The maximum electrical output of a solar panel under ideal conditions (25°C at a light intensity of 1000W/m2) is known as peak power. It is measured in Wp (peak Watts). In all, 238 solar panels have been installed on the farm. These panels have a power output of 50 peak kilowatts (kW peak) and an expected yield of 42,000 kWh/year. Half of the panels face SSE at a tilt angle of 45 degrees, the rest face WSW at a tilt angle of 20 degrees. The panels, which are composed of cells of polycrystalline silicon, each generate an output of 210 peak Watts at a light intensity of 1000 Watts/m2. The average power production is 115 kWh/day. On a bright sunny day, this can exceed 300 kWh/day. The solar panels each have a surface area of 1.5 m2, weigh 16.8 kg, and can be mounted on the existing roof structure without any problems. The panels and their associated converters were supplied by Oskomera Solar Power Solutions, from Deurne.

Jan Borgman notes that "On fine days, solar energy more than meets our needs. We deliver the excess power to the national grid. In winter, we don’t generate enough solar power and have to top up from the national power grid. Within the foreseeable future, however, we expect to generate enough power to meet all of our energy needs."